New7Wonders of Nature

World New7Wonders – Nature

After Komodo National Park, I have now visited all 7 of the World New7Wonders of Nature! How many have you visited so far?

1. Amazon Rainforest/River

Visited the Amazon in 2012 from the side of Bolivia and stayed with the indigenous people in eco-tourism lodges. I will definitely explore more of the Amazon in the future.

Wikipedia: Amazon Rainforest

2. Iguazu Falls

Visited the falls from the sides of Brazil and Argentina in 2013. Amazing site, full strength of nature! If you are there, do not miss a visit to the nearby infamous Ciudad del Este in Paraguay.

Wikipedia: Iguazu Falls

3. Jeju Island

Visited this South Korean island in 2015. Famous as an Asian honeymoon destination, it offers a number of impressive geological, mainly volcanic, formations.

Wikipedia: Jeju Island

4. Underground River

Visited Palawan in the Philippines in 2015, which in addition to the Underground River at Puerto Princesa, also offers the unmissable El Nido, with similar island formations to the Halong Bay.

Wikipedia: Underground River

5. Ha Long Bay

Visited this breathtaking area of Vietnam in 2013. The beauty of the site combined with its scale are impressive.

Wikipedia: Ha Long Bay

6. Komodo National Park

Visited Komodo via Flores (Indonesia) in 2016. If you go only for the Dragons, you may be disappointed. But if you combine it with Scuba Diving or snorkelling in the National Park, you will live an amazing experience. The island of Flores is also worth time to explore.

Wikipedia: Komodo National Park

Some pics from my Instagram (Instagram: thanostravels ):

7. Table Mountain

Visited Table Mountain, overlooking Cape Town (South Africa) in 2003. Breathtaking views!

Wikipedia: Table Mountain

External Links

New7Wonders Website

Wikipedia: New7Wonders of Nature


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